Come on, snap out of it.

People who suffer from depression are encouraged to talk about their feelings to someone but they rarely do. No comfort comes from trying to explain something incomprehensible to the uninitiated whose response almost inevitably makes things worse. “You need to snap out of it”, they say, or they offer suggestions of activities that could be engaged in to keep one’s mind off it but their well-intentioned advice suggests that whoever is suffering from the depression is also stupid and hasn’t already thought of those things.

Anyone who’s depressed knows their thoughts are irrational so don’t judge them, just love them.

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  1. What you say is very true, for people who have never suffered from the awful affliction called depression, it is impossible for them to understand. Unfortunately depression feeds upon itself and the lower one feels, the less inclined or empowered, one is to do something about it. Those things are to keep busy, try not to be alone, or do anything which prevents you from dwelling on that ever downward spiral.

    1. Keeping busy is paramount but paradoxical. Frequently one’s inactivity contributes to the depression and even though one knows one should get on and DO something constructive or positive it’s very difficult, oft times impossible, to get motivated because every task (irrespective of how small it is) is gargantuan and most of the time all one wants to do is crawl into bed, pull the cover over one’s head, and shut out the world. As far as being alone goes…, I prefer it like that when I’m feeling down; it’s less “complicated”.

      Thank you, whoever you are, for your thoughts. Depression does feed upon itself (I hadn’t thought of it like that before) and you’re so right; it’s extremely important to do/think something that’s going to prevent you from dwelling on that spiral. Ahh but then there’s the paradox… 🙁

  2. To be honest, I have never been around someone who suffers from depression.
    My mother always taught us not to be laid back – Get up and DO something about – stop feeling sorry
    for yourself. You are harming nobody else, but yourself. I have read about peolple suffering from depression and my feeling is – yes, they do a lot of harm, not only to themselves, but also to their families, their loved ones, their friends and anyone else who may be trying to help them.

    Luckily, we grew up in a very secure environment and Mum took no nonsense. We all go through very sad periods in our lives, but need to move on – face it and be true to yorselves.

    I’m afraid, I am one of those who would say “snap out of it!” Simply because I do not fully understand the disease. .

    1. I don’t know if it’s classified as a disease but I get your point. Perhaps, now that you’ve read what I’ve said, you’ll be inclined to show a little more sympathy – if you ever do find yourself in the company of someone who suffers from depression that is.

      1. Don’t judge them, love them, when they become irrational. I get it.
        I am, I’m told, a very soft-hearted and kind person. I think my first reaction would be to be sympathetic for a while…..until I get irritated.

        1. There is a saying…. “there but by the grace of God go I”. Depression is a condition that can afflict anyone.