Do we strive for perfection or do we settle for something less?

I reiterate, I am not, as someone has suggested, against democracy but I am against its infallibility.

Because it’s corruptible (in its current form) it’s obviously not as perfect a method of governance as it ought to be so what sense is there in adhering to an imperfect and flawed system ad infinitum, when we know it’s defective? I concede that, even in its current state it’s better than some alternatives but it’s still not perfect.

If Democracy literally means “rule by the people”  it is unquestionably up to us – the people – to find something better, or to perfect it.

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Control is necessary

People are inclined to misbehave if they aren’t controlled so the idea of implementing the controls is good and, because of man’s fallibility, necessary.

Because man remains fallible control remains necessary so my argument is not against control per se, it is about the method of control, which is (for the purpose of this argument) democracy or, more accurately, the sham that is disguised as democracy.

Simply put, the basic ethos of democracy has been so vastly corrupted that it has created a class of people who believe themselves to be outside the system. They are irredeemably corrupt!

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Food for thought

It’s been argued that unless there’s an alternative to Democracy, for now it’s all we have. Having thought about it, I am inclined to disagree; it’s not all we have. There are other forms of governance in existence and although many of them, such as Islamism or various autocratic systems are repugnant and hold little ideological appeal to those of us outside the systems, the fact of their existence proves that other choices exist.

I still maintain that democracy is no longer practical because it is implemented by flawed people so lends itself to corruption. We need to think about that.

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Government for the people by the people

Democracy literally means rule of the people and it upholds a belief in freedom and equality between people, or a system of government based on this belief, where power is either held by elected representatives or directly by the people themselves.

Whilst the idea of democracy is sound and its practice has helped steer most of the human race into civilisation, we are now sufficiently advanced to have transcended its simplicity. Because of the ways we have manipulated its interpretation, democracy is now nothing more than a bus for the morally corrupt to climb on and ride into self-gratification.

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Dee You Who?

Whilst I wasn’t bang on the money in predicting the outcome I wasn’t far off. Terri has formed an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party, who took ten of the eighteen seats in Northern Ireland.

The actions of this government offer further proof of why the entire system of government, which has worked well for centuries, is now redundant and we need to start thinking differently.

292,000 people (in round numbers) voted for the DUP and, by aligning her party with them, Terri is able to ignore the votes of the millions of people who voted for neither of them.

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Never discuss politics with a friend

Vote Day

When Theresa May (Terri as I call her) called the general election I asked myself, “why now?  it’s a dangerous move considering she’s barely been in Downing Street long enough to earn the trust or admiration of the population. Why does she feel confident of success?”

I concluded there’s more to it than meets the eye; someone has told her she’s going to win. Paint me cynical but if someone’s pulling her strings I want no part of it and I believe many other voters feel the same.

I have the feeling Terri will soon be living elsewhere.

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