Witnesses can be unreliable

Imagine two beings existing together devoid of any other human interaction and that they did everything and shared absolutely every experience together as if they were co-joined. Stretch your thoughts further and imagine that one of them, despite anything he ever met or whatever emotion he felt always looked happy and was prevented, by some sort of charm, from saying anything negative. His partner on the other hand, even if he wanted to, was incapable of expressing joy and his demeanour was always woeful.

Their memories, at the end of their lives, would differ greatly and so would their attitudes.

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What is perfect?

Supposing it was possible to create the perfect society, what criteria would have to be met to make it so?
Is it possible that, in all the millennia of our existence, we have striven for that nirvana? Is it possible that, despite the vast differences that separate us, we are all instinctively united?
Why is it that we are all born innocent and highly responsive to love yet, when we die there is hardly any innocence left? Each of us will leave with a completely different idea of life yet we will all agree that we have not found perfection.

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If the answer is ONE, what is the question?

If the answer to the question is ONE, what is the question?

Obviously there are many questions that will offer that answer but there is one question that each of us asks, consciously or sub-consciously, many times in our lives and there is no doubt that ONE is the answer.

When you get a moment, look inward and find the question. When you’ve found it you’ll know what I mean and it’s highly likely your life will be a lot happier as a result. Remember you entered this world alone and you’ll leave alone and nothing can change those facts.

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There is only one thing all of us wants

Given that everybody, irrespective of race, colour, creed or social status is seeking the same thing, conflict, whatever form it takes, serves only to drive us away from the only thing we truly want.
Sit comfortably and in peace (even if it’s only for five minutes a day) and ask yourself what you really want then, when you believe you have found the answer, ask yourself if it’s the same thing everybody else would want. If the answer is no then you then you need to think some more. If it’s yes you will know that I’m right.

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God is a binary, fractal, self-replicating algorithm

I’ve always loved philosophy although I’ve never been much good at thinking of clever ways to summarise the thoughts that occupy my mind.

For example I have believed for many years that God is nothing more than a figment of our own creation. In my mind’s eye I can see the entire universe and imagine how everything fits together and why, yet when I’ve tried to explain it to someone I’ve failed.

Several centuries ago someone said God was a binary, fractal, self-replicating algorithm. I had always thought that (not in those words) but didn’t know how to express it.

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