About Me

Yours Truly

One day I realised I wasn’t a team player.

I went back to work after taking off eighteen months to look after my mother and six months on I’d simply had enough of waking up each morning with the dread of going in to the office to endure yet another day of senseless routine and being a slave to other peoples’ problems so, before I went insane (hmmm actually maybe I was already insane) I left and now I’m writing for a living!

I am, in no particular order, a father, a husband, a philosopher, a poet, an author, a singer, a chef and a story-teller and whilst I am all those things and more I’m better at some of them than I am at others and there are some who would say I can do none of them well.

If I was asked what my favourite music genre was I’d hesitate for a bit then say, COUNTRY! The hesitation would be because I’m into all sorts of music and will listen to whatever catches my ear at the time, frequently playing the same song over and over and over, driving everyone in my vicinity to the point of madness. Once I played Steeleye Span’s Gaudete 77 times in a row and only stopped because Lynda threatened to divorce me if she ever heard it again. You might think it’s weird to listen to a song that many times in a row but I see nothing wrong with it, possibly because I have ADHD, which is an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (it’s a bloody interesting thing to have – well I think so anyway, who cares, it’s already been established that I’m weird)

My younger sister, Paaaaaaaat, was eventually able to relocate from Scotland to look after our mother and I’m now back in Essex.


I didn’t invent myself. I evolved into who I am because of the experiences I’ve had and the people who have shared my life.