Hi, I’m David, welcome!

That’s me on the left of the picture, sitting next to my gum-chewing older sister Judy. Little brother Mike is on the right and baby sister Tish completes the group.

I’m writing a book about our family, which is how I got started with this blogging malarkey in the first place and hopefully, soon, I will convince myself it’s ready (and good enough) to be shared. I don’t have a title for the book yet but I was thinking about calling it My Animals and Other Family, you know – like a front to back version of the title of Gerald Durrell’s book – but someone told me I’d get sued if I did. Unbelievable but anyhow, although I really like the name, I have all my writing saved in a file called MAAOF and I’m sure I will be inspired to come up with a suitably catchy title when the time is right.

I live in England with my two dogs, my cat and my wife and son.

My favourite quote is “I Love you”

This blog is, as the title suggests, an eclectic, crazy mix of pretty much anything that catches my eye and is worth sharing.


I read Gerald Durrell’s book when I was in fourteen. I can remember liking it very much and finding it extremely amusing.

My book is less about critters than hoomans but, because I anthropomorphise every single animal I come across I count them as family and think about them thus. If you object to animal  anthropomorphisation that’s fine, I respect that, but I suggest you go away;  this is not the place for you.








Assuming bees could talk…

If you were to ask a worker bee which bee in the hive were the most important I think her answer would be very different from the one you’d expect her to give.

In a hive situation, which bee is the most important?

  1. Queen
  2. Drone
  3. Worker

Which bee do YOU think is the most important? Why?